Om Nom Noodles


Travelling Booth -- (close to Booth 8!)

Serving Pandaren food, desserts, and drinks to all... Alliance and Horde.


See our Full Menu here:

Booth Managers

Mailang, Genzhu, June, Ji Ji, Minako, Klasik, Astolos, Neeng

Hours of Operation

8p - 10p realm time

We have your fix of Authentic Pandaren cuisine!

Who Are We?Edit

When Mailang Ping first came to Stormwind, she peddled Pandaren street noodles in a rented cart with a broken wheel in Cathedral Square.

Within months, business exploded. She opened a full-time restaurant, took on catering gigs, and Om Nom Noodles is now the most popular Pandaren noodle shop in the human capitol city.

ToA Special MenuEdit

TOA Specials:

-Wild Tiger Stir-fry ... grilled wildfowl and peppered tiger steak, pan-fried with Hozen peppers, onions, mushrooms, garlic, and soy sauce in wildfowl broth, served over rice.

-Hangover Soup ... a flavorful, milky ox bone broth with cabbage, soybean paste, garlic, chilis, fish sauce, green onions, and cindergut peppers, served with rice and kimchi.

-Ginseng Chicken Soup ... a whole, young wildfowl stuffed with sweet rice, boiled in a ginseng-infused wildfowl bone broth until fall-apart tender with jujube dates, cloves, onion, garlic, ginko nuts, and green onion.

-Yuangol Hot Chocolate ... melted chocolate and heavy cream, infused with cinnamon and Yuangol chilis.

-Spiked Paw'don Cider ... fresh apple cider from the renowned Paw'don orchard, infused with cinnamon, cloves, and a generous stir of spiced rum.

-Fire and Ice Tea Special:

--'Wyrmrest Zest' ... hot, herbal blend with cinnamon, ginger, and sweet dried persimmons.

--'Iced Crown' ... iced, fruity tea with thin slices of pear, lemon, and orange arranged like petals of a flower, with pomegranate seeds floating at the center. well as several other crowd favorites. Detailed menu here:

Games and Activities Edit

We will also be hosting mini games and events each night!

These will include:

  1. 100th customer each night wins a FREE B&W headshot artwork prize!
  2. Traditional Pandaren Tea Ceremony each night at 10p.
  3. Assorted Games:
  • Rice Ball Roulette
  • Chopstick Marble Game
  • Teacup Board Game
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