Fence Macabre Caravan
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Fence Macabre Horde 15Neutral 15

Items and Services

Forsaken crafts, adventuring gear, creepy curios, and more!

Booth Manager

Remington Thornbolt, Billy Highman, Loira Winford

Hours of Operation

Sunday: 7:30-9:30 PM, Wednesday: 7:30-9:30 PM


Howdy there, pardner!

The Fence Macabre is rollin' inta this year's Tournament of Ages ta sell off all manner 'a Forsaken crafts!

Vigor & Morris™ Unlife Aids & ComfortsEdit

Creature Comforts of the Night: Edit

Self Repair Supplies Edit

  • Suture Kits: 50s per kit (contains 30 ft of wire, needle, scissors).
  • Styptic: 10s per vial.
  • Bandages: 25s per pack of 20.
  • Embalming Fluid: 1g per 24oz bottle.

Cosmetic Accessories - No fashion style is ever truly dead! Edit

Adhesive Hair Attachments: Hand-crafted from 100% real locally sourced hair! Available in a variety of colors and lengths, custom orders available! Edit
  • Moustaches: 3g.
  • Sideburns: 4g per pair.
  • Toupees: 8g.
  • Merkins: 10g.
  • Beards: (Prices vary on color and length.)
  • Wigs: (Prices vary on color and length.)
  • Glass Eyes: 8g, available in a variety of colors.
  • Prosthetic Jaws: 12g.
  • Scarves: Prices vary on color, material, and length.
  • FoxFlower Packets: 10s per pack, free with purchase of scarf.

Vigor & Morris NecroMend™ Line: Edit

The latest and greatest products and prototypes to come out of the Vigor & Morris™ Research & Development Labs! Try one of our fantastical new inventions today, and change your unlife forever!

  • SeamPutty™: Don’t just conceal, fill in those cracks! Proven to not only make your scars look nearly invisible, but ease the stress on those stitches through adhesion! (15g per Jar)
  • The FeedBuddy™: Lack of ability to masticate got you down? Try the FeedBuddy™! This simple tube with easy-pumping mechanism gently slides down any Forsaken gullet to deliver liquefied nutrients in a safe and tidy manner! No more dribbling down your tabard or silken finery! (20g)
  • The FleshMash™: Mash your meaty meals into a savory, slurpable slurry! Easy to clean and fun to use! A handy culinary tool for the on-the-go unlifestyle! Designed to work with our FeedBuddy™ system. (25g, -10g if purchased with FeedBuddy™)
  • The ShoeFoot™: Literally and figuratively save yourself a step by utilizing this prosthetic foot with permanent shoe. Comes in a variety of sizes, styles and colors! (Prices vary accordingly)
  • The StapleGun™: No time for fancy stitches for the injury-prone Forsaken on the go? Try the Vigor & Morris StapleGun™, a new contraption that quickly and firmly staples your flesh together in a pinch! (30g per StapleGun, 50s per sleeve of 36 staples)
Vigor & Morris™ accepts all manner of custom jobs and bulk orders! Contact your local sales representative today! Edit
((Billyhighman on Wyrmrest Accord, Hordeside)) Edit

Winford’s Wares Edit

Basket Goodies - Garden to table snacks. Edit

  • Stormberry Pomegranate Refresher: 1g
  • Crimsonwood Crabapple Turnover: 1g

Periodic Potions - A rotating selection of draughts and brews. Edit

  • Elixir of Fake Death (5g each): When you drink this shadowy concoction, you will go into an unresponsive state mimicking death within five minutes. Your heart will not beat, and you do not need to breathe, blink, eat, or drink. You can remain in this state for up to seventy-two hours or until you voluntarily ‘awaken,’ after which you regain control of your body and your bodily functions return to normal.
  • Storyteller’s Potion (2g each): After drinking this wispy potion, your speech is accompanied by illusory images for one hour. You do not directly control the illusion, but the images are of creatures, objects, and places you describe and act as you describe them to. The images never move more than 5 feet away from you and are purely visual.
  • Star Walk Brew (8g each): After drinking this serene potion, your spirit leaves your body and soars upward, allowing you to freely stargaze for one hour. You are conscious and in control of your spirit as this happens. You may otherwise return your spirit to your body whenever you wish to.

Salves - Small pots with hand-gathered beeswax. Edit

  • Winter’s Kiss Numbing Salve: 3g
  • Akunda’s Bite Clotting Salve: 3g
  • Riverbud Antiseptic Salve: 3g

Tea Sachets - Sold in packs of six linen sachets. Edit

  • Star Moss Focusing Tea: 2g
  • Siren’s Pollen Relaxing Tea: 2g
  • Sea Stalk Invigorating Tea: 2g

Bespoke Candles - Dipped right in front of you. Edit

  • Flat Fee: 5g
  • Custom Wick/Flame: +1s
    • Black (Vim)
    • Red (Vigor)
    • Blue (Acumen)
    • Purple (Prudence)
    • Green (Luck)
  • Custom Dye: +5s
    • Black (Ether)
    • Red (Fire)
    • Blue (Water)
    • Purple (Air)
    • Green (Earth)
  • Custom Carving: +60s
  • Custom Blessing: +1g
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