Build your own best friend for unlife at the Build-A-Bomination booth! A returning fan favorite, we've set up camp on the northeast side of the tournament grounds' Colosseum, between booth 8 and booth 10 just as we have in years prior. You can select from a pre-set number of freakish and monstrous little torsos, and attach arms, legs, heads, wings, or any other appendages that you can imagine to their stubby little bodies. Or, if you are feeling particularly creative, you can bring your own miniature abomination pieces and stitch them together with our very own highest quality fleshcrafting tools! And the best part? After you finish making your best friend forever (and ever, and ever, and ever) and give them a name, we will animate it for you so that it can come to life and hug you right back!

Come on and build your very own miniature abomination, today!

NOTE: Abominations are made out of pre-assembled cloth materials. No flesh of any women or children are used in the making of your miniature abomination companion.

Booth 9


The "Build-A-Bom" Booth


Build your own abomination!

Booth Managers

Sibelius & Seleste Felsorrow

Hours of Operation

7 PM - 12 AM

Creative Ideas:

There have been several spectacularly macabre ideas that patrons have come up with in the years prior. Here are some wonderful examples!

  • An abomination with ghoul arms and geist legs. How fanatical!
  • A gargoylic, winged humanoid monstrosity.
  • A hybrid between a dog and a cat.
  • A hybrid between a dog and a little girl. Note: No real children were used in the making of this doll.
  • A chimera that possessed two wolfish heads, the wings of a bat, ran on all fours, and had the legs and tail of a jungle cat.
  • A bloated fish carcass with several, hellishly sharp spines embedded in its flesh.
  • An otherwise standard abomination with two large power drills replacing both of its hands.
  • A "self-portrait." How self-deprecating!
  • An abomination with absurdly oversized and over proportioned arms and legs. Perfect for giving hugs!

How exciting! We've got plenty of unique and interesting parts to use! Practically anything that you can imagine, and you can put it right onto your little abominable affront-to-nature. So don't wait, get down here and create!


  • Sunday - Open 9PM - 11AM
  • Monday - Open 7PM -11AM
  • Tuesday - Open 7PM - 11AM
  • Wednesday - Open 7PM - 11AM
  • Thursday - Open 7PM - 11AM
  • Friday - Open 7PM - 11AM
  • Saturday - Open 7PM - 9PM
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