Witch season has started for some early this year, and this mean that the witches have to hide better. Due to the Custodes work, these witches seem to be seeking to capture the Azerite that the Custodes collect, would you aid us to avoid it and see who is the witch in disguise? Just poke them with the needle, let the steel show the truth form of them, and if not, well, what it’s a little sting today?

Come and aid us, find the witch hidden and win a prize! Only for one hundred gold!

Note: No real Witch will be harm during this game.

Booth 9


Custodes Vitae Booth : "Which Witch?"


Find the hidden witch and win a prize

Booth Managers

Cranee D. Morg

Hours of Operation

7 PM - 10 pM

Prizes will come in order of finding:

  • 1st Witch : Sandstone Drake
  • 2nd Witch : Panther Mount (Jewelcrafting)
  • 3rd Witch : Steelbound Devourer
  • 4th Witch onwards : Random battle pet


  • Sunday - Open 7PM - 11PM
  • Monday - Open 7PM -11PM
  • Tuesday - Open 7PM - 11PM
  • Wednesday - Open 7PM - 11PM
  • Thursday - Open 7PM - 11PM
  • Friday - Open 7PM - 11PM
  • Saturday - Open 7PM - 11PM
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