Booth 8


The Highguard Alliance 15


Dragonhawk adoptions, Pure-bred Hawkstriders, Charity Plushies

Booth Manager

Malithanore Vanyali

Hours of Operation

Closes up on Friday at 11pm

Sprite Darter PettingEdit

Price: 2 berries per fae. They drive a hard bargain. Feed directly.

Wholesome fun for all ages, featuring:

  • Skittle, Squigfriend of Cyonos 
  • Rig, Squigfriend of Drake 
  • Kita, Squigfriend of Arianiie 
  • Pina, Squigfriend of Scorvash 
  • Peachbloom, Squigfriend of Aellandiel 
  • Omni, Squigfriend of Xyena

[GHI/TRP3:E] ToysEdit

*** "Night's Eye Company" - Products & Services***Edit


Contact Xyena A. Galaeth (IG: Xyena - Alliance) if interested in the following:


*** Custom handmade perfume bottles with a custom made perfume liquid ( IC Item) ***

  • Bottle Shapes: Tear, Leaf, Round, Square, Horn, Crescent, Heart, Flower
  • Scent: Custom to order
  • Price: 5 gold

*** Critter / Pet / Mount Care & Products ( IC items) ***

  • Different snacks & chewables
  • Small and big toys, handmade beds, leashes, collars
  • First aid care
  • Grooming
  • Nail & horn trimming
  • Price: 5 gold for each service/ product

*** Dinosaur Handmade Plushies ***

  • Raptor
  • Direhorn
  • Devilsaur
  • Stegodon
  • Pterrordax
  • Price: 10 gold

*** Gummy Wyrm Candies ***

  • Cherry
  • Orange
  • Strawberry
  • Blue Raspberry
  • Green Apple
  • Lemon
  • Grape
  • Pineapple
  • Banana
  • Root Beer
  • Price: 5 gold per bag

The Silverguard Edit


A front and back view of the Violet Vortex by Seriphene!

The Silverguard is offering several new items this year!

Bonbon Bun Bot (2 gold): A mechanical companion that dispenses sweets! All proceeds go towards Hooked on Phoenix, an organization oriented around teaching elven children.

Violet Vortex (10 gold): A rich blend of firewine and frostberry wine, making for a cool, fruity drink that burns on the way down. All proceeds go toward the restoration of Eversong Woods.

Silverfall Red (10 gold): An older brand from the Vanyali vineyards, this wine is extremely sweet and fruity. All proceeds go towards the Thalassian Cultural Center.

Taste of Quel'thalas Edit

The Silverguard has drummed up many fine treats this year!

Magical Treats:

  • Arcane Satin Chocolate Phoenix: A tiny phoenix, molded from delicious milk chocolate satin creme with a light sprinkling of arcane dust. The dust is multicolored, giving the phoenix a fiery sparkle; from yellows, to pinks, oranges, and reds!
  • Dark Dragonhawk Delight: A dragonhawk, molded from satin dark chocolate! The chocolate is infused with a hint of mana thistle to give you the briefest mana high without pushing you over the edge.
  • Lovely Lemon Ley Lynx: A chocolate that has been carved into the likeness of an Eversong lynx! It is made from satin dark chocolate, with a creamy lemon center, infused with a generous helping of magical power!

Non-Magical Treats:

  • The Fudgewell: A small, bite-sized cup of milk chocolate, with a deep well of soft, near-liquid fudge.
  • Belore's Bunny Bon Bon: A baby bon bon bunny made from milk chocolate with a sunfruit center for a sweet and fruity pairing!
  • CaraMana Crystal: Milk chocolate molded into the shape of a mana crystal, with a caramel center!

If you get a BunBon Bot but don't have Total RP: Extended, don't fear! You can use this chart to roll a 1d6 and determine which chocolate you get!

  1. Arcane Satin Chocolate Phoenix
  2. The Fudgewell
  3. Lovely Lemon Ley Lynx
  4. CaraMana Crystal
  5. Dark Dragonhawk Delight
  6. Belore's Bunny Bon Bon

Thalassian Couture: Fine Elven FashionEdit

Outfit Adoptables - 2k [ Includes the base of the outfit with outfit attached so that you can put your character's features / hair style on the outfit! Unlimited spots open. ]

Custom Outfit Commissions - 10k [ Similar to what is seen below, but custom tailored to your needs! ]

The Dawn's Heart: Art Commissions Edit


Dearly Departed DealsEdit

Rilennia, a Highguard alumni, and her partner Tyrvarryn - and of course, her divination chicken Alectryo - will be present and established at booth 8 this year to offer their SPOOKY DEALS, immaculate weaponry and unique method of fortune telling!

Stop by for deals that you'd have to be dead to pass up! Or undead. Who are they to judge?

More info can be found here:

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