Booth 7
Booth 7


The Citrine Eagle Alliance 15

Items and Services

Alteraci Fare
"Mini Mountains"

Booth Manager

Zaria Blackmoore

Hours of Operation

2:00 P.M. - 12 A.M. (Hours Varying)

Booth Seven, hosted by the Citrine Eagle, will consist of a few cycling vendors for various Alteraci inspired fare including the famed Alterac Brandy, Alterac Swiss Cheese, and other vanity items including a new chocolate candy. The booth will also include a game referred to as the Wheels of Fate, a tournament activity to be played for prizes!

Wheels of FateEdit

The Wheels of Fate is a simple game. Spin the wheels, get assigned a task to enact upon a person of the recorded race, and return to the booth with evidence to win a prize! This is made to encourage others to interact with others outside of their comfort zones. The prizes for the Wheels of Fate will vary from a regular snowcap, to pets, clothes, and a mount! The prizes will be wrapped, and be a mystery until the person opens the package. A participant must return with evidence of their success!

(OOC: This is a roll game, the in-game roll will account for a persons spin of a wheel, and the corresponding number for the roll will be the outcome. The actions wheel is a /roll 20, and the Races wheel is a /roll 15)


The first wheel for the wheels of fate consists of a list of actions that a person can be assigned to enact on another person. The player spins the wheel, and gets assigned a task, this can include:

  1. Kiss a…
  2. Dance with a…
  3. Flex with a…
  4. Take a S.E.L.F.I.E with a.. (Return the photo to the Booth)
  5. Sing to a…
  6. Shake a …’s hand
  7. Buy a gift for a…
  8. Pinch the butt of a...
  9. Give a hug to a…
  10. Get a … to spin the wheel
  11. Tell a joke to a …
  12. Buy a … a beer.
  13. Lick a …
  14. Insult a …
  15. Throw a Cream Pie in the face of a…
  16. Place a “Kick Me” sign on a…
  17. Give a shaken Kaja’Cola can to a…
  18. Slap a…
  19. Free gift! (You win a free prize!)


After spinning for an action, a player can then spin the second wheel to be assigned to act on this task towards one of the many races of Azeroth. Most are included, and the wheel consists of the following:

  1. Human
  2. Dwarf
  3. Night Elf
  4. Gnome
  5. Draenei
  6. Pandaren
  7. Orc
  8. Tauren
  9. Forsaken
  10. Troll
  11. Goblin
  12. Worgen
  13. Blood Elf
  14. High Elf
  15. Pick anyone!

The "Citrine Crate" - Monthly Care Package Edit

The booth will also be doing signups for a year long subscription box service called "Citrine Crate". Each month, the box will go out to those that signed up during the duration of ToA. The signup is 100g, and Citrine Eagle-themed gifts are sent out during the last weekend of every month. If you are looking to sign up, watch out for Kysaerys Silvercrest at the booth!

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