Booth 6


Bladebane Industries Alliance 15 Horde 15



Booth Manager

Avelentin / Penthe

Hours of Operation

Sunday-Saturday 7-12 ST.

DeepCore Industries is here to offer many unique goods and services at the Tournament of Ages!

Shop Goods

Ever desired to watch someone from the opposite faction be swarmed by a horde of murlocs? One vial of Murloc Aroma and we promise you they'll be begging for mercy!

Murlocs not your thing? Maybe you want something with a bit more... boom. For a small price we'll have available Exploding Sheep Guns! With a bit of a magic and good ole goblin technology, you can turn your enemy into a black sheep with enough time to laugh and run before they explode!

Feeling a bit sluggish in the snow? Try one of our Troll's Blood potions! (no trolls were harmed in the making of this potion, may or may not be actual troll's blood, seller not responsible for side effects)

Contracts and Services!

DeepCore Industries hires a variety of different artisans, and this week we are offering custom contracts for engineering, enchanting, and blacksmithing! Ask us about them!

Kealestra Silverheart will be offering tarot card readings when she's present at the booth!

End of the Tournament Raffle

DeepCore Industries has one Sky Golem to be won this week, simply by coming to the booth and mentioning to Avelentin/Penthe that you wish to be entered! Everyone will get one entry for the week! On Saturday evening, a winner will be drawn. To receive the prize, you must have a level 20 Horde toon on Moon Guard!

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