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Sunday-Saturday 7-12 ST.

DeepCore Industries is here to offer many unique goods and services at the Tournament of Ages!

Metalwork and Enchanting Edit

Constellation Discs Edit

Expertly fashioned discs ranging in size from two to five inches across, of either bronze or silver, with each carved with one of the common constellations of Azeroth and Outland/Draenor. Stars are set with small gemstones. 10g each

Azeroth Constellations: The Hammer, The Two Trolls, The Tauren, The Kaldorei and the Deer, The Mage, The Mana Serpent

Outland/Draenor Constellation: The Staff, The Seer, The Tome

Enchanted Spring Scrolls Edit

This is a plain scroll with an enchantment upon it. When activated, the room in question will find that the ceiling will subtly drop cherry blossom petals, with a faint scent of the tree as well. This enchantment will last one week. 1g each

Bronze Sundial Edit

Horizontal sundials, fashioned from bronze. The circular dial plate is engraved with numbered hour markers on the edge, a compass rose beneath the gnomon, and decorative dragons in the ring between the two. 15g

Hand Carved Wooden Totems Edit

These totems are carved from various woods from Azeroth and beyond. They seem meant to fit in a pocket or pouch and fit in the palm of one’s hand and exude a sense of calm. Custom shapes available, speak to Penthe Starshade. 3g each

Shapes: saber, wolf, bear, stormcrow, world tree

Leather Masks Edit

Supple leather has been worked and smoothed into various creatures and shapes. 5g per mask

Color of leather:  Black, gray, light brown

Shapes:  Feathery, owl, crocolisk, stag, saber, bear, the Sun

Engineered Goods Edit

Piranha Launcher Edit

A reworked grenade launcher that shoots piranhas at people! 5 piranha’s included. Make sure your piranhas are properly fed. 150g

'Hinterlander' Shotgun Edit

10 gauge side-by-side, True Iron reinforced barrels. Innovative Leystone strikers eliminate need for separate priming charge. Careful, it packs a wallop! 50g

Spring-Loaded Toy Musket or Pistol Edit

Fires small rubber balls at child-safe velocities. Lightweight wood and metal with working hammer and trigger; uses a spring-loaded plunger in the barrel that's 'cocked' by an included ramrod. 5g

Flare Fireworks Gun Edit

Make your own fireworks display! Launched fireworks have a 100-foot detonation ceiling. Charges available in red, blue, white, green, purple, or multicolor. OBEY ALL ToA DISCHARGE REGULATIONS, MERCHANT NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR MISUSE. 15g

Goblin Hoverboard Edit

A metal board that allows the rider to hover 1 foot off the ground. Comes in 5 variations! Note: Does not work over water. 120g

Oddities Edit

Kaja Kola Edit

A cold, refreshing beverage that is bound to give you plenty of ideas! Not just good ideas, but bad ones! All sorts of ideas! 5 silver a can

Deep Fried Kaja Kola Edit

Kaja Kola deep fried into small balls, served in a cup with powdered sugar and choice of whip cream and cherries. Has the opposite effects of Kaja Kola, DeepCore is not responsible for dumb decisions! 12 silver

Ice Cream Chicken Sandwich Edit

A chicken sandwich with vanilla ice cream, crunchy candy and jelly donuts as a the buns. 12 silver

Pretzels Edit

Comes in plain, salted and cinnamon flavors. 7 silver

Choice of mustard, beer cheese, pepper sauce, frosting, or chocolate dipping sauces!

Shadow puppets Edit

These small discs of pure black will come alive and dance when put in to a shadowy place. Standard forms are animals and basic humanoids of all races.They can be customized in to any form that the buyer wishes for an extra fee. (Note - this process will take a short time to complete.) 5g

Contracts and Services Edit

DeepCore Industries hires a variety of different artisans, and this week we are offering custom contracts for engineering, enchanting, and blacksmithing! Ask us about them!

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