The Succulent Tart is a burlesque performance troupe that is celebrating its 11th anniversary this week! This will be their fourth year at the Tournament.

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Succulent Tart


Performers, Tarts, Glitter, Games

Booth Managers

Andjela Harvestide, Renthios Duskblade

Hours of Operation

7pm-12am every day except during show times

Show Times

Monday 9-10 pm, Thursday 9-10 pm

Succulent Tart Edit

Are you Built for sin? Then Come on in!

Succulent Tart performs all around Azeroth, showing off the many skills of its many performers. The troupe can be hired for events and is always willing to put on a show.

This year's performances will be on Monday and Thursday from 9-10pm server time.

Daily Specials: Edit

Every Day the Succulent Tart will be offering:

Tarot Reading - Andjela Harvestide will blow you away with her skills at Tarot Reading. She makes every reading, no matter how quick, wonderfully personable and eerily accurate. Make sure to catch her early, she gains a long line quickly when word gets out she's there!

*NEW* Glitter Bombing - Want to shake up the Tourney? How about get harmless revenge? Maybe you just want to party? Whatever your reason is, if you want to sparkle or have another target in mind, tip a Tart and they'll gladly glitter bomb whoever you want!Target must be on the Tournament Grounds.

*NEW* Bake Sale - You asked and the Tarts obliged: this year, your favorite burlesque troupe is selling a wide variety of their namesake pastries! Each batch is baked fresh daily, so swing on by and see what the troupe has for sale!

Events: Edit

Each day of the Tournament, the Succulent Tart booth will feature a different event or game to show off the many skills of its performers and engage the troupe's fans!

Sunday: Edit

Dance Off - Come on down and dance! It's the Tournament's opening day, and while the Tarts will be dancing throughout the week, they invite you to come on down and show them your moves! To initiate a dance off, point at a Tart and challenge them. You and the Tart will both /roll 1-100, compare rolls, and emote how you match up for each of the three rounds. Best two out of three wins! If you win, you'll receive a shiny gold sticker, while if you lose, you'll get glitter bombed.

Monday: Edit

Show Day - Succulent Tart has taken out two blocks of stage time at the Tournament. Monday is their first performance of the week, so come on out to see them perform at 9pm server time.

Tuesday: Edit

Tart Eating Contest - Line up and see who can eat the most tarts in a timed eating event! Each contestant will be given twenty tarts to eat. Each participant will /roll 1-20 with their roll determining how many tarts they can eat within the time. If you win, you get a shiny gold sticker!

Wednesday: Edit

Mini Menagerie - 2 years ago, the ringleader of the Succulent Tart set out to create a small, weekly market in Silvermoon City and since then, the Menagerie Boutique has flourished! Now, some of those vendors are coming to the Tournament of Ages to set up shop at the Tart's booth. Come on down and see which shops brought their best!

Thursday: Edit

Show Day & Kissing Booth - Succulent Tart has taken out two blocks of stage time at the Tournament. Thursday is their second performance, so come on out to see them perform at 9pm server time. But that's not all! Before and after showtime, the Succulent Tart will have a new version of their famous kissing booth set up! This year, the booth has a heart-shaped window to provide a certain amount of space between the kisser and kissee. All kisses come in exchange for a donation of your choice.

Friday: Edit

Learn a Tart Skill & Dance Party - Some of the Tarts will be volunteering their time to teach some of their simpler skills and talking about the hazards of their jobs! Feel free to ask questions and try your hand at learning something new! Maybe you have a hidden skill you didn't know you had? Before attempting any of the tricks, you must sign a release form and Medical Staff will be standing by. This is another /roll 1-20 event, with your roll determining how well or how badly you do. There are, however, a variety of prizes to be won: a full spectrum of stickers and for the best of the best, a golden pin. Then, after all of the skill teachers finish up their lessons, the booth will be hosting an all night dance party in honor of Succulent Tart's 11th anniversary. Come on out to get your groove on with all of your favorite Tarts!

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Saturday: Edit

Anniversary Dance Party Part 2: Electric Boogaloo - Succulent Tart has been around for 11 years this week! If you weren't able to come by the night before for the first half of the party, worry not - the dance party continues on into Saturday! Join in on the fun and dance the night away!

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