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Hollowlight Ventures


Rare treasures, magical items, herbs, potions, and adventuring gear

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Hours of Operation

Mostly: Afternoon-12 AM, dependent on staff.


Hollowlight Ventures arrives at the Tournament of the Ages bearing wares of odd and curious origins.

Wares Edit

Hollowlight Ventures houses a bustling acquisitional department who routinely traverse every world open to adventure in order to bring to you the most exquisite and eye-catching treasures and magical items.

Full catalog will shift from day to day, check back every day of the Tournament and catch up on our newest items before they are sold!

Plunder of the Day Edit

Each day, Hollowlight Ventures will be auctioning an item of particular rarity and exquisiteness. This item will be available to be bid on at bidder’s discretion from the start of the day until the day is over. The item will be delivered to the winner on the following day. Other items only found on that particular day will also be available!

Rare Treasures Edit

Mystifying relics of cultural and historical significance great and small from across the globe and beyond. Take home a piece of history, or impress your loved one with a lavish gift.

Magical Items Edit

Hollowlight Ventures is no stranger to magic and neither will you be once you walk away with one of our strange and wondrous items! From the whimsical to the utilitarian, let magic make your life easier!

Herbs and Potions Edit

Renowned the world over for their brilliant advances in alchemical science and efficient production of product, Hollowlight Ventures is opening their vault of potions and wondrous herbs to the Tournament of Ages at prices sure to drop the jaw. We will also be selling the Northrend addition of An Herbal and Alchemical Guide to Azeroth and Beyond!

Adventuring Gear Edit

Never be caught unprepared in a dungeon! Hollowlight Ventures has long employed its own in-house production team to outfit its acquisitions department for all of their harrowing escapades and daring adventures, these goods are now available for purchase during the Tournament of Ages!

Activities Edit

(( Please note that both of these games require you to be in a party with your host! Be prepared to recieve a group invite upon requesting them. For horde, we will do fortune telling via emotes.))

Fortune Telling (open to both factions) Edit

Hollowlight houses many seers and oracles who offer their myriad of farseeing talents to the Tournament of Ages! Will you find love? Glory? Fortune? There are many paths your life may travel, let us help you find the one you're walking!

Potion Roulette (alliance only) Edit

Thanks to the brilliance of Hollowlight Ventures' alchemical department, all manner of odd and unique potions have been produced that haven't quite found market appeal... but that doesn't mean you can't try them! We hand you an unmarked potion and the fun begins when you say bottoms up!


(please be prepared to enter a party, accept trade, and /roll 180 for potion roulette!)

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