Booth 26


The Sunguard Horde 15


Weapons, Armor, & Various Trading Goods

Booth Manager

  • Telchis Truefeather

Time of Operation

7pm - 10pm ( Varied )

Guild Website

"The Sunguard" joins the Tournament of Ages to host a variety of events throughout the week. Oathsworn will be gathered daily to sell customized armor and artillery, a lesson in first-aid and triage, and a simple dueling roulette for those who wish to test their might against fellow Oathsworn or others.

Sunday | Sunguard AcademyEdit

The Sunguard Academy will be hosting lectures from its various professors over many different topics. Translations from Orcish to Thalassian will be provided to allow cross faction communication.

Monday | SuncastersEdit

Join our Suncasters for a night of various magical oddities and games including Enchantment Roulette, and more!

Tuesday | SunspearEdit

Seek out the gallant Sunspear Battalion as they offer tests of strength including arm wrastlin' and "Punch the Orc".

Wednesday | PathfindersEdit

Find the Sunguard's Pathfinders offering showing off their skills of subetly and ranging. Join them for a dangerous game of Poison Roulette and a game of Hidden in Plain Sight around the tournament grounds!

Thursday | DawnmendersEdit

Join the Sunguard's Dawnmenders as they offer free first aid kits, health checks, blessings in a bottle, and more!

Friday | Cabal of the Dying Suns Edit

The Illidari soldiers from the Cabal of the Dying Suns will man the Sunguard booth offering Illidari body marking with washable ink. Contests on seeing which characters have sacrificed the most will be available upon request.

Satrurday| The Crimson Fleet Edit

Join the brave sailors and captains of the Crimson Fleet for a night of drinking, sea shanties, and a chance to show off your best tattoos!

Please check back for updates/changes in schedule.

Points of Contact Edit

  • Telchis
  • Azriah
  • Elleynah
  • Sakialyn
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