Booth 24
Booth 24 Rams


Knights of Ashfall


Catch the Ram

Booth Managers

  • Jeremaias Auromere (Jeremaias)

Hours of Operation

7pm-10pm Server Time

Booth Description Edit

As you approach, you see the banners sable, a cross pattee gules flying near a wagon of Stormwindian make. This wagon has been remade into a prize stand, for the game that is played using the nearby herd of rams. The rams themselves mill about inside a pen, waiting to be released into the playing field patrolled by mounted knights.

Catch the Ram! Edit

"Catch the Ram" is the official, traditional sport of Dun Vor, and was brought to Ashfall by Sir Ghanan Steelbeard. It is not for the faint of heart, as it is played by mounting rams and riding them back to their holding pen.

The Basic Rules ((OOC information)) Edit

The game itself is simple. Two rounds are a "set". When the set begins, markers indicating clusters of four rams each are set out by the referee. Round one begins: Players choose a marker, and roll out of 20 (command /roll 20); their roll results correspond to specific outcomes.

Depending on the outcome, the referee will announce how many rams they caught during the first round, and whether they may roll for a second round. The players then decide whether they wish to roll the second time, or keep their current ram(s). If they choose to keep their rams, the "set" is over for them; if not, they /roll 20 again, and the referee announces their outcomes. They may have any result from losing all of their rams, to catching an additional two!

Ram Markers Edit

Only so many rams are present at any given marker, and once they've been caught, they won't respawn. You can only catch rams at the marker where you are, so if you roll high enough to catch two rams at a marker where there's only one, you only catch one. Pay attention to marker population!

Cashing In Edit

After the set concludes, players may choose either to claim the prize for their current score, or try again. Regardless of how many attempts they make, they will be allowed to claim the prize for their highest score of the night or any lower prize--but they can only claim a prize once per night!

Optional Challenge: Herdsman Edit

If the players are feeling lucky, they may request a herdsman; this can only be done by agreement of all players in the set.

The herdsman does not roll to claim a ram, but instead rolls to grant a bonus (or penalty) to other players at the marker he chooses to herd. This injects a whole new level of strategy to the game!

Someone willing to play as a herdsman will win the same prize as the highest score of the set, so he benefits from helping more than hindering!

Prizes Edit

Prizes will be as follows:

Number of rams caught Prize
Unsaddled (0 rams) A cup of tea, coffee, or cocoa, and a reputation for not fearing pain
Ram Catcher (1-2 rams) A random, level-25 rare-quality battle pet
Ram Wrangler (3 rams) A level-25 battle pet suitable for the Tournament's pet battles!
Ram Master (4 rams) A level-25 suitable battle pet, and entry into the grand-prize drawing!

And what's the grand prize? Your own personal Sky Golem!

This booth is additionally participating in the Deck of Ages game, so anyone who takes part will receive a random card for the day!

The Knights of Ashfall Edit

Catch the Ram

Dwarves from Dun Vor playing Catch the Ram.

The Knights of Ashfall are an order created to assist Lord Jeremaias Auromere in resettling and rebuilding the lost Duchy of Ashfall, and to defend Stormwind and the Alliance against all foes.

Individually and together, the Knights of Ashfall seek to lift up the world and the people living in it, not only through mighty deeds to defend the weak and the helpless, but through lives and works that inspire others to strive for greatness themselves.

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