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The Sunguard Horde 15


Daily roulette of different games and engaging activities

Booth Manager

  • Telchis Truefeather

Hours of Operation

7pm - 10pm ( Varied )

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"The Sunguard" joins the Tournament of Ages to host a variety of activities and goods throughout the week.

Be sure to check our schedule! Oathsworn will be gathered daily to offer various fun events such as games involving poison and enchantment roulettes and tests of strength as well as goods like bottled blessings and much more!

Please note: Activities listed for a certain day will only be for that day, so don't miss out!

Sunday | DawnmendersEdit

Blessings in a Bottle

  • For the price of 10 silver, you too can carry some holy (or other) luck with you! Clients can choose what type of magic they would like their blessing to be or if they are looking for something to give them some extra luck, strength, etc.

Free Check Ups

  • Whether hurt in the arena for the Tournament, or the recipient of an unkindly curse, or even just scrapes and bruises from the crowds, we all get hurt. The Dawnmenders are here to give a free health check, healing, and consultation to anyone who needs it!

Potions and Bandages

  • Even the best soldiers or most prepared adventurers are sometimes overtaken by the cruelties of the world. The Dawnmenders are here to provide bandages, potions and healing tonics to help with those wounds are poised to slow them down!

Monday | Pathfinders Edit

Poison Roulette

  • One of our master poisoners has concocted a few drinks to enjoy! Take your pick of three available and you have a 2-in-3 chance of walking away safe and sound and with a shirt that reads, “Pathfinders: I played Poison Roulette and survived”. Pick wrong and you get a consolation prize: the antidote to the poison you just drank. Better drink up quick!

Petting Zoo

  • Our rangers and their fuzzy (or not so fuzzy) friends will be on hand and waiting for you. Feel free to introduce yourself and relax while you bond with some animal companions. 

Bottoms Up

  • We'll be serving: Rum. Ale. Oh, and more rum. Each glass is one gold. No free refills.

Tuesday | SuncastersEdit

Learn from the Best

  • Have a question about enchantments? Curious about how certain schools interact with each other? Well, whether you're inexperienced with magic or have been practicing it your entire life, a suncaster is more than happy to answer whatever questions you might have! Learn everything from the basic properties of different forms of magic to its various applications throughout history!

Riddle Me This

  • Test your mettle against the scholars of the Ivory Spire by answering a riddle. Ask any at the booth and they will present you with a riddle that you must answer.
    • You have one opportunity to give the correct answer
      • If you succeed, the Suncaster offering the riddle will have to activate a scroll from the enchantment roulette.
      • If you answer incorrectly, you will have to activate a scroll from the enchantment roulette instead!
  • If you manage to successfully answer every riddle presented, you will receive a gold prize from the Sunguard's Grand Arcanist!

Enchantment Roulette

  • Learn about the various applications of magic for practical and humorous purposes by selecting an enchanted scroll at random from one of our Suncasters. Will it make you stronger? Or will it dye your hair? Discover the effect upon activation of the scroll!

Wednesday | Cabal of the Dying SunEdit

Tattoo Painting

  • Want to look like an Illidari for a day? Our demon hunters will be on hand to paint stylish tattoos on people for a day!

Who Has Sacrificed More?

  • Think you can outdo a Dying Sun in a battle of whom has sacrificed more? Step on up and prove your mettle!

Thursday | SunspearsEdit

Arm Wrestling

  • Think you can out strongarm one of our Sunspear? Then step up and put your muscles where your mouth is! If you can manage to pin their arm two out of three times in a match, then not only will you receive the glow of victory but a special prize will be yours! 

Hit the Sunspear

  • Do you think you’re slick enough to get a strike on one of our Sunspear? Show us what you can do by stepping into the ring! Land a hit, and a special prize will be yours!

Bear Lifting

  • Do you sometimes look at a bear and think “I’ve totally got the muscle to lift that”?? Here’s your chance! Our resident druids will be on hand to see who has the might to lift 500lbs of bear! Successfully lift the bear over your head and win a special prize! 

Test Your Strength

  • Think you’re hot stuff? Come down and test your might against our Strong Man Bar! Pick up a mallet and give it a swing! Hit the bell and win a prize!

The Penguin Plunge

  • Feel like taking a skinny dip into icy cold waters? We’ve got you covered! For those brave enough to jump into a tub of icy cold water, they will receive a complimentary towel that says “I Did the Sunspear Penguin Plunge!”

Oosarn's Punching Booth

"Are you a true warrior? Can you survive what the world plans to throw at you? If you think so, come and prove it! Stand and take a fist to the face from a Warsong with an attitude! Show off that black eye or broken nose with pride! The orcish women like it anyway. Just five gold for your very own tavern tale and the mark to prove it!"

- Oosaarn Bloodaxe

Friday | Free for All Edit

We'll be repeating some of the games we offered this week as well as goods sold, so if you missed out, stop on by for last minute fun!

Saturday| Closing Ceremonies Edit

Thanks for stopping by and joining in our games this year!

Points of Contact Edit

  • Telchis
  • Azriah
  • Cynel
  • Vaelrin
  • Esme
  • Elleynah
  • Sakialen
  • Zalin
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