Booth 23


The Greyshields


Various fun and helpful activites to help make the Tournament even grander.

Booth Manager

Jiroki, Azztook, Vemran, Szadek, Nathiria

Hours of Operation


Booth 23 is currently occupied by the Greyshields for the 2018 Tournament of Ages. Please browse below of our 'menu' to see the various services we provide! We also have our very own website JUST for the ToA for your viewing pleasure!



Betterment Bridage: You need a bodyguard, a sparring party, a walking and talking bag-holder? Well we have the manpower! And we'd be glad to help you for the day, just let us know! Our hired help can act as bodyguards or someone to act as a Lydia. Some days, Betterment Brigade services may vary, such as available for rp-duel/pvp sparring for practice before the duels. Edit

The Soybean Shuffle: Think nothing escapes your notice? What about a mere bean? Shuffle on by to put your hawk eyes to the test! Players are shown a table of cups, one of which has a bean under it. Cups are then shuffled around for a bit before players have to guess which cup has the bean. Days vary on when this game will be available. Edit

Catch of the Day: Icecrown isn't exactly known for it's great fishing spots, which is why we bring the seas of fortune to you! Take a few seconds to cast your luck in our fishing game - you're guaranteed to reel something in. Players throw a line over a tapestry, where a Greyshield will tie a random prize to their hook and send it back over. Days vary on when this game will be available. Edit

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