Booth 22: "Gadgets of Gnomeregan"
"The best Tinkers from Tinkertown!"


Pride of Gnomeregan Alliance 15


Robotic Unit Building, Gnomish Gadgets

Booth Manager

Raudel Coggstomper

Hours of Operation



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Companions are the hardest things to find in life. Every so often the opportunity to make them comes around!

Imagine being able to have the chance to build your companion unit! Well, the choice is now yours!

Build-a-Robot Workshop:

Ever wanted to create a companion of your own, yet lack the skills to Tinker? The Build-a-Robot Workshop offers the chance for individuals to pick one of three different sets of robotic units to build themselves, with assistance offered by Tinkers provided by the Pride of Gnomeregan.

There are 3 different robotic unit types available.

  • The X4-A Series of Robots, which serve as the first simple model. Similar to a clockwork robot. It is simply a companion robot.
  • The TD2-1 Series of "Rascal Bots", an older model of Rascal Bots capable of helping with engineering needs and cleaning.
  • The SD-43 Series of Clean-o-Bots, newer in design and using an arcane core to propel itself into the air around a household.

Gnomish Gadgetry:

A Gnome or Tinker without their gadgets is a Gnome that is ill-prepared. Thus, the Pride of Gnomeregan is offering for its gnomes to sell any amount of gadgets provided by them currently. However, straight from the heaps of items the Mekgineers have found are a series of mystery crates.

Mystery crates are allowed to be sold by any amount, as long as guests are able to afford it. When supplies are out for the day, they are out.

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