Booth 22: "Flavors of Khaz Modan"
"The finest Khaz Modan has to offer!"


The Dwarven Vanguard Alliance 15


Ales, Brews & Dwarven Street Food!

Booth Manager

Foghas Lightbeard

Hours of Operation




Serving alcohol from Bronzebeard brews to Dark Iron drinks and even Wildhammer wines!

No good drink is complete without a savory Dwarven meal! Boar Haunches, Blood Sausages & Aged Cheeses to sedate your hunger!

Dwarven Drinking Game: Monday 8PM - 10PM!

Got what it takes to out drink the competition? Fancy yourself a Brew-guzzling champion? Well, the Dwarven Vanguard's Drinking Competition is right up your alley!

Join your peers as you vie to test your alcohol tolerance in a competition that will no doubt, leave your competitors in a haze as you soar to the top!

Our magi will temporarily enchant you to equalize everyone's alcohol tolerance, no matter how weak or strong your stomach is, the playing field is leveled! Using a unique d20 roll system we've designed, players will enjoy a fun, competitive and fair experience of drinking, unlike anything seen before!


The booth menu.

Rules to the Dwarven Drinking Game:


Even the most seasoned of drinkers will fall!

In sets of free-for-all blackjack-styled games, each drinker will take a drink and roll twice out of 13- the number of drinks your character stomachs. Like blackjack, a roll of 1 counts as 1 or 11, as appropriate. Also like blackjack, a roll of anything over 10 is considered a 10 for the purpose of scoring.

A roll of 13 and 5, for instance, is (10+5), a 15.

The goal of the Drinking Game is to get as close to 21 as possible without going over. If you go over, your character busts- and can't hold their grog! In rounds of single-elimination, contestants will move on through a tournament-style bracket until three finalists are decided, awarded them prizes in gold and items!

Registration is on-site! No need to pre-reg anywhere, just show up and you're good to go! 

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