Booth 21


Magus Senate of Dalaran


  • Magic
  • Wands!
  • Mischief!

Booth Manager

Senators of the Senate being Senatey.

Hours of Operation

7-9 Daily!

Representing Dalaran at Booth 21, is the Magus Senate of Dalaran. The Mages of Dalaran finally have a few moments to breathe and share magic with the world!

The booth offers the following:

  • Rent-A-Senator! Have a fun magical prank in mind? Rent a mage to go spark some silly mischief! All effects are absolutely harmless.Turn someone's face purple! Make their hair appear to be on fire! Enjoy the magical world of mages.
  • Spell Wands! We'll be giving out wonderful little wands with one spell pre-charged on it. Conjure your very own muffin! Make sparkles!
  • Violet Eye Pins! To remind you we are always watching. Eye watch over you!
  • Fire Orbs. For warmth. They'll follow you where you go and keep you nice and warm. Don't suffer the cold, find a mage and stay warm!
  • Fun rides from the Darkmoon Faire! Wee!
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