Booth 20


The Greyshields


Food and drink | Catch-of-the-day mini game | Pic Me! photo service

Booth Management

Booth Organizer: Jiroki Glaivefall | Go-to Persons: Merli P. Glaivefall | Nathiria | Aztook Glaivefall | Allerian | Daniel F.

Hours of Operation

7:00PM - 11:00PM (server)

The Greyshields Booth! Edit

The Greyshields, a cross faction mercenary organization, are here to provide our services for your entertainment!

From tasty food and drinks to mini games and photography, we're here to make your time at the Tournament of Ages fun and memorable!

If you're interested in a more in depth look into our services, take a look at our website!

More information on our services:

  • Food and Drinks!
  • Our Catch-of-the-Day mini game!
  • Our popular Pic Me! photo booth service (Example templates on website)
  • After-hours drink menu!
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