Booth 20


The Stormwind Guard and Stormwind City Guard


Drinks and Snacks | Wares and Items | Arrest a Guard | Pin the tail on the Guard

Booth Management

Main Manager: Atles Silverblade | Assistant Managers: Soreka Blackblood | Nathan Zaregorin | Alyxandra Lyall

Hours of Operation

7:00PM - 11:00PM (server)

The Stormwind Guard and Stormwind City Guard Booth! Edit

The Stormwind Guard, and the Stormwind City Guard have decided to come together to bring you the best booth ever Stormwind has to offer!

Feeling slightly hungry or parched? Then come get a drink or snack at our booth! Want to change your look? Come check out the wares and items we're selling! Want to have some fun? Wanna know how it feels to be a Guard? Come play Arrest a Guard! Do you want to just stick it to the Guard? Well come stick a tail to a Guard in our Pin the tail on the Guard game!

More information on our services:

  • Snacks and Drinks! (Menu coming soon!)
  • Wares and Items! (A list of what we are selling coming soon!)
  • Arrest a Guard (Will be given a scenario, then go about arresting one of our Guards!)
  • Pin the tail on the Guard! (Information coming soon!)
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