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Exotic food and drink from across the cosmos.

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Deronorak, Duraal, Duraanas, Exodus, Savuuna and Tathel

The Draenic Order of Vindicari has been working tirelessly to craft a menu of complete decadence using exotic ingredients from Argus, Draenor and beyond. From intricate confections to hearty delights, we will have something to suit every palate. Come and savor this 'slice' of Draenei culture and may de-Lights embrace you!

The Menu Edit

Lighter Fare Edit

  • Three Worlds Bread - 15s
    • A hearty bread made from Azerothian wheat and flavored with berries from Draenor and preserved Argussian spices. A delicious addition to any meal or on its own!
  • Smoked Talbuk Jerky - 20s
    • Long strips of talbuk rubbed down with spices and smoked over several hours. A favorite on the go treat!
  • Telmor-Aruuna Hard Cheese - 15s
    • A slightly sour, nutty and rich cheese made from talbuk milk. Served with a selection of crackers and Telaari grapes.
  • Blackened Basilisk Skewers - 20s
    • Peppered chunks of basilisk seared on the grill and served on wooden skewers. Tender, fatty and delicious!
  • Zangar Button - 15s
    • An entire Zangar mushroom cap cut into thin slices, sauteed in a mixture of clefthoof stock and netherbloom. Served with a slice of Three Worlds Bread.

Entrees Edit

  • Smoked Clefthoof Rib - 30s
    • A hefty clefthoof rib seasoned with Nagrand peppers and arrowbloom then smoked. Savory, spicy and robust!
  • Terokkar Treats - 25s
    • A pair of basilisk eggs, boiled and covered in dreaming glory seasoned boar sausage, then rolled in bread crumbs and deep fried. A hearty delight!
  • Ravager Tartare - 25s
    • Delicate ravager meat finely minced and served on a bed of mandragora leaves. For refined palates only.
  • Feltail Delight - 20s
    • A steaming stew containing chunks of spotted feltail, furious crawdad tails and jaggal clams, served in a delicate, light broth.
  • Sticky Roc's Wing - 50s
    • An entire windroc wing, deep fried and then tossed in a sticky, sweet sauce. Ideally shared among two to three people, but we won't judge!
  • Pickled Eel - 20s
    • Abyssal gulper eel fermented in a salty, zesty fireweed brine. Cut into bite-sized portions and served with cabbage slaw.
  • Kaliri and Warpstalker Kebab - 20s
    • Roasted kaliri and warpstalker meat thinly sliced and served in warm flatbread alongside mandragora leaves and a creamy starflower sauce.

Sweet Treats Edit

  • Argunite Geode - 10s
    • A thick chocolate shell containing a colorful, sugary, rock candy display when cracked open. Messy and fun!
  • Talaara's Sweetcakes - 8s
    • Named for a beloved family member, these fluffy and moist sweetcakes are flavored with mana thistle and topped with a generous portion of terocone infused frosting.
  • Hearth Salted Custard Pots - 8s
    • Rich caramel custard served in a glass jar, topped with a crust of caramelized honey sprinkled with Argussian salt and a chocolate wafer.
  • Rock Candy Creations - 10s
    • Rock candy versions of your favorite inter-dimensional ships! Available in Exodar Berry or Xenedaar Lemon.
  • Rylak Claws - 8s
    • Flaky pastry filled with delicate sweet cream, shaped into claws and topped with thinly sliced almonds.

For the Thirsty Edit

  • Mac'Areetas - 5s
    • This fruity and potent beverage contains Tanaan blood orange liqueur and features a plum-infused sugary rim. Be mindful when enjoying, this drink has been known to cause sparks!
  • Sunglow - 5s
    • A favored beverage among the Army of the Light, this citrusy and invigorating drink will keep you toasty warm.
  • Marsuul's Delight - 5s
    • An Argussian-style mead made from refined sugars and astral glory, this drink is dangerously smooth.
  • "Filtered" Draenic Water - 5s
    • This deceptively clear spirit is flavored with Tanaan sweetmelon extract and served in a frosty glass with frozen Telaari grapes. Refreshing!
  • "Mud" - 5s
    • Rich and amber like the soil of Gorgrond, this Draenic bourbon is spiced with fireweed to give it a cinnamon-like zing. Don't let the name fool you!


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