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Magus Senate of Dalaran


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Salazar Demes, Vorien Dawnstrider

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All evening, every evening (except during our shows & for the closing ceremonies)

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The Magus Senate of Dalaran returns with another exciting year of magic, mayhem and excitement! Join us for some magical adventures in the frozen north. Cold? Worry not, we'll summon you a firey orb that will annoyingly follow you through the tournament grounds and beyond! Cursed? We can help with that! Come by and we'll unravel that nasty bit of magic and send you on your way again.

Curious about your future? Peer into our divination spells and get a look into the future! Maybe that special someone is looking for you to make the first move. Maybe that fortune really is just around the corner!

Magical trinkets galore, of course we have them! Come by and get your very own magical items for your collection!

Magical Catalog for your viewing pleasure!


Dalaran/Scourge Themed Chess Set! Crafted from a fine cherry wood, one side of the board features Dalaran Magi, with Antonidas as King, and Jaina as Queen. The other side features the Scourge, with Archimonde as King, and Arthas as Queen. (5 Gold)


Fauxerite Earrings: Rose gold earings adored with a pair of cut stone enchanted to look and feel like Azerite! The rainbow is yours! (125 Gold)

Imperial Crown of Higher Learning: A tri-horned crown with embedded stones of amethyst, orange imperial topaz, and sapphire, representing the three main specializations within the school of evocation, Arcane, Fire, and Frost. An amber stone is embedded in the back, representing time. (1000 Gold)


Time-Traveler's Regelia: A bronze-themed set of robes imbued with avant-garde etched images of the Bronze Dragonflight, along with faint glowing runes around the neck, cuffs, and waist. (10 Gold)

Violet Pointy Hat: All Wizards need a pointy hat! Put one on, and you are a wizard! (30 Silver)

Artifacts/Magical Items:

Pair of Seer Stones: Going away from a loved one, but can't stand being away? With this pair of Seer Stones, you can talk to each other through holo-projection. Proximity to ley lines required. (10 Gold)

Staff of Minor Storms: Conjures a singular rainstorm that follows a person around as it rains directly above. Talk about a bad day! Coffee, book, and looking longingly out the window not included. (40 Gold)

Tabletop Crystalline Figure: Have a custom magical made crystalline figure made of someone you care about! It can not break. This is not a voodoo doll. (20 Gold)

Snickerwine: An otherwise ordinary bottle of wine that causes any imbiber to laugh uncontrollably for about thirty seconds! Usually. Please see a mage if the problem persists for more than an hour. (25 Silver)

Orb of Treacherous Puns: This flying orb will follow you around and make pithy, yet 'dad-like' puns at random moments, sometimes poorly timed. (Always poorly timed.) (80 Silver)

Muffin Wand: Do you know the muffin man? You do now with this wand, it's you! With this wand, conjure a muffin! A dozen! A hundred! We don't judge. (10 Silver)


Curse-A-Friend: Want to put a playful curse on a friend? Say no more friend! For 10 Silver, we'll put a light curse on a willing friend. The consent is yours to get.

Sword in the Stone: Archmagi have historically rode into battle on horseback with staves and swords, but one unlucky Archmage, Galidius the Unlucky, got theirs stuck in an enchanted rock. (Enchanted by the wicked Sorceress Morganstar) If you can pull it out, a reward you shall gain! But beware the consequences of failure...Morganstar was a clever witch!

Rent-A-Senator: Need a mage for your magical needs? Can't find one, due to invisibility that they keep up all the time to prevent random people for asking for magic? Well, rent a senator today, and our services will be yours. For the price of 100 Gold Pieces, we'll be your magical friend! (All requests must be legal, what do we look like, warlocks?)

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