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The Three T's: Tattoos, Trinkets, & Tarot!

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Sevalen Emberspark

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Ravenwood is offering again this year, the three T's they supplied from last year: Tattoos, Trinkets, and Tarot!


(( New to this year is an art raffle, the prize drawn by the ever-talented Hizzacked! ))

More details below!


Tattoos this year will be done by Fiendras Rav'sial and Lyuri. Both are quite proficient and detailed with design, as well as clear communication. Price will vary depending on tattoo size.

New to this year however, we are also providing magical tattoos! Need that small boost in strength? Perhaps dexterity? Come on by for some runic tattoos that provide magical power!

Small Tattoos Edit

Do you have a crest important to you, or even an insignia? Perhaps you'd like to get your unit number or name located somewhere on your body? Maybe you lost a bet and now you have to get a tattoo of your friends face on your chest? Have no fear, Ravenwood tattooists are here. We can help you out with quick and sufficient inkwork.

Large Tattoos Edit

For larger things, such as big pictures, or an even bigger drawing of your friends face! Or, if you really screwed up, we can even tattoo your entire arm with their face! But that's an additional 5 gold! Poor you. But maybe your buddy is a real nice guy - he'll let you choose, but you're paying! In that case, we can do landscapes, scenes, and even heavily detailed objects! Or multiple! Our tattooists have you covered!

Magic Tattoos Edit

Have you ever wanted that boost in your life? Do you see posters around Stormwind City noting you can get stronger instantly? Well, those are usually scams. But this one isn't! Come on by the Ravenwood Booth for some magical tattoos. Intricate runic designs that provide interesting magical effects. Effects include: A boost to strength, a boost to speed, a boost to focus, a shield that pops up when heavily injured, a boost to bravery, and much more. Simply inquire - we are likely to have what you need! *Arcane or Light runes. You choose.

(Please do not ask us to tattoo anywhere overly lewd. It was a problem last year.)


Trinkets from Ravenwood's adventures all across Azeroth. Our vendors this year are Magus Waxer and Valentina Leighton. From an Everlasting Goblinstopper to the popular Amulet of Warmth to even a Pack of Hearthstone Cards, we've got trinkets that will provide curiosity, convenience, and reward!

Below you will find a list of just some of the wondrous trinkets available for purchase.

Conjured Fortune Cookie Edit

Longing to find a purpose in life? Feel as if you want to know your destiny or fortune, but are too preoccupied to go out and search for it? This year, fortune cookies, magically conjured with the use of the arcane, will be available for anyone to purchase individually or with the purchase of one tarot reading. More information on tarot readings below.

Scent-Imbued Soap on a Rope Edit

Tired of approaching a fabled lover smelling like sweat and grime from your hard-earned exploits across the world? Look no further, for Ravenwood has numerous bars of soap, conveniently tied to sturdy veins of string, that have been enchanted to make you, or anyone that uses it, smell like everyone's favorite thing!

Ethereal Storage Pouch Edit

Have too much stuff but not enough space? Want to keep everything on you tidy and in one container but don't want to lug around a satchel the size of a tauren? Fear not, for Ravenwood has numerous pouches, obtained from Outland, available for purchase! These containers are large enough to fit greatswords, butchered carcasses, and everything in between but are small enough to fit in your pocket! You won't even know it's there!

Bottomless Health Potion Edit

Over-burdened by the sheer volume of health potions you must carry around at all times? Wish you could purchase one that would last you a lifetime? Ravenwood has just the thing for you! In stock, we have one, and only one, health potion enchanted to magically refill itself overtime. Chug it all you please and it will be back to full within the hour! Just don't break the bottle!

And much, much more! Edit

The items above aren't the only items being sold by Ravenwood at the tournament this year. We've plenty of common, uncommon, rare, and epic items available for purchase! So come on down to Booth 17 and buy yourself a little bit of convenience (while supplies last)!


Would you like some mystical insight into your past, present, and future? Perhaps you've some questions about a certain aspect of your life, be that money. work, friends, or even love? Tarot Reading provided by Akirie Starfall and Shailene Daywraith! Any who choose to purchase a tarot reading may visit the Trinkets section and get a FREE Conjured Fortune Cookie!

This year we will have multiple readings you can choose from!

Single Card Reading Edit

The single card spread is the simplest of them all. If you have a question in your mind, or a certain aspect of your life where you wish to receive a simple answer; simply allow us to draw one card and reveal the answer!

Three Card Reading Edit

These cards deal with time, perhaps you wish for insight in the timeline that is your life - with this, we will draw three cards from the deck and lay them down in-front of you. Starting with the leftmost card, each will take a sight into your life. The first card represents your past, the second card represents your present, and the third card represents your future.

Aspects of Life Edit

This spread we will draw out six cards, placing them face down in-front of you. Starting with the leftmost card, each will tell you about an aspect of your life! The first card will tell you of work, education, and career, the second will tell you about romantic feelings, love, and warm feelings, the third will show your friendships, the fourth will tell you about money and finances, the fifth card will give you insight onto health and mental well-being, and the sixth card will give you let you know on spiritual matters.


This year Ravenwood is going to have an art raffle. Have you wanted art of your character? Well, now you can try for to win the grand prize that is indeed character art! Drawn by the much talented Hizzacked, entries will be asked to pay gold for a 'ticket' to enter the raffle, with a maximum of five tickets per person.

One-thousand gold per ticket, a maximum of five tickets per person. Entries MUST be roleplayers on the MoonGuard-US realm.

Upon winning, we will contact you. You will be able to choose one of the following:

  • Full Body / Single Character art of your choosing and discretion.
  • Half Body / Two Character art of your choosing and disrection.

Prize choosing must not have anything overly lewd, or deemed as NSFW.

(( Further details, references, and confirmation can be seen @ ))

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