Booth 17


The Celestial Accord Alliance 15


High end luxury items around the world

Booth Managers

Alie Crescentlight and Marcus Ainley

Hours of Operation

Tournament Hours!

Celestial Accord Edit

Celestial Accord has made contact with many from all over the world. From the shores of Pandaria to the chilling nights in Northrend. We bring beautiful items from all kinds of races to show that we welcome all and bring joy in bringing factions together into a huge family.

Our Booth Edit

  • Pendants
  • Crystal Crowns
  • Clothing
  • Plushies
  • Pets
  • Magical Items
  • Sweets
  • Etc.

Pendants Edit

Raw clear crystals with magic infused inside that helps enchant the crystals with certain abilities depending on the type of magic within.

Crystal Crowns Edit

Crystals held in place with wires and/or bands to make beautiful long-lasting crowns. We're all queens. Yaaas.

Clothing Edit

Dresses, shirts, accessories and all kinds of nice outfits from all over! Wanting a certain trench coat from Boralus? Or... maybe a nice Pandaren dress? Or fur cloaks from Northrend? We got it!

Plushies Edit

Plushies are obviously the best. There's different kinds; such as murlocs, pepe, elekk and raptors, and faerie dragons! All kinds of different colors. Best part? You can get a regular-sized one or a jumbo, that can be at least three feet tall!

Pets Edit

Many small critters from all over don't have a place to call home or a nice owner to take them out on missions. Though we love our little guys, they would love to meet some amazing folks. There will even be a petting zoo!

Magical and/or Normal Items Edit

Looking for more magic in your life? How about glass roses that connect your soul and help you with small abilities? Real majestic roses warped in nature magic to stay alive in glass orbs? There are many interesting items; magic and not. Another is glass orbs and marbles infused with azerite that can turn into stunning explosives.

Sweets Edit

In the mood to satisfy your sweet tooth? There's going to be many types of treats! Such as Lollipops, Butter Bars, Gummy Wyrms, and Ice cream!

Games! Edit

(With real prizes or RP prizes)

Pet Battles (But with rolls) Edit

Our pets have many potentials. Feeling prepared and confident to go up against others?

Crack the Ore Edit

Are you a fan of luck and prizes? Take a crack out of ores to find a gem hidden inside, hit the gem just right, or find a rare diamond, and the grand prize shall be yours!


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