Booth 16


Ashes of Al'ar


Elvish ensembles, phoenix plushies, Pick-a-Poly!

Booth Managers

Luneth, Firion, and Roan

Hours of Operation

12 PM - 12 AM

Celebrating Elvish Solidarity, the Phoenix Fellowship of the Ashes of Al'ar is bringing you the wonders of Highborne relics, Elvish paraphernalia & souvenirs, enchanted wares, star-card readings, traditional confectioneries, and raffle tickets for a rare mount! Blessed by Belore and endeared by Elune, come visit us to extend the olive branch to all children of Quel'thalas and Kalimdor!

Souvenirs of Elvish AccordEdit

Ashes of Al'ar is bringing you an harmonious theme this Tournament! With tensions high and factions more splintered than ever, the elves of Ashes look to the blood of their ancestors to seek accordance with those they had been splintered from for thousands of years!

The Banner of Accord

This Shaldorien Silk banner, embroidered with Thalassian gold threads dons the traditional colors of each elvish nation, woven together in an elegant arraignment that's certain to inspire unity in their kinship!

The Pendant of Accord

This brilliantly restored Highborne Pendant is the inspiration for the symbol of solidarity. Unearthed from the ruins of Zin-Azshari this 10,000 year old pendant has been remastered with polished goldleaf settings, coiled intricately about a marquise bloodstone, with an ancient mana teardrop that will be the envy of Azshara herself! These masterful reproductions will be offered in limited amounts.

The Phoenix of Accord

Lastly a booth hosted by the Ashes of Al'ar is not complete with its incandescent mascot, the elemental god Al'ar, here to warm your hearth and your heart! Handmade with love and a little magic, this warm-to-the-touch plush glows with traditional Thalassian paisley, and stuffed with hawkstrider down for the softest hug you'll ever experience! Brought to you by Dawnseeker Tenacious Tapestries!

"Remember this as much as the Sunwell: If it's not woven by us, it doesn't suit you!"
Solidarity Banner Final Wrinkle
Highborne Relic Restored

NOTE: Plushies are made out of pre-enchanted cloth materials. No mana-wymns were harmed in the creation of these dolls.

Art & Banners by: Bird <Graphical Assets>



"Come one, come all! Try your luck at this new game of chance! A mirror of polymorphed precious rabbits will pounce into view! Can you positively pick which one is the real deal and pin yourself a prize?"

Upon correctly perceiving this puzzle, you will receive ONE raffle ticket for a perished pony! Speak with someone at the booth at the time of your completion or message Luneth#7000 on discord!

But wait, there's more!Edit


Luneth's Tenacious Tapestries is bringing you (in game & RP) unique ensembles and enchanted accessories from our ever-changing brochure! Such wonders as:

  • [Deep Sea Bags]
  • [Mooncloth robes]
  • [Chan’s Imperial Robes]
  • [Black embersilk gown]
  • [Festival Dresses]
  • [Festival Suits]
  • [Enchanted Pens]
  • [Leylight Braziers]
  • [Silvermoon Hookahs] Note: Bloodthistle not included. See us after dark.

Fabulosity! You won't believe the new you!

Tentative ScheduleEdit

  • Sunday - Open 12PM - 12AM
  • Monday - Open 12PM -12AM
  • Tuesday - Open 12PM - 12AM
  • Wednesday - Open 12PM - 12AM
  • Thursday - Open 12PM - 12AM
  • Friday - Open 12PM - 12AM
  • Saturday - Open 12PM - 12AM
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