Booth 15


The Crimson Revelation

Goods And Services

Confessions, Theme Music, and Food and Wares

Booth Manager

Anakritis Aontaiche (Aontaiche)

Hours of Operation

4:00PM-12:00PM for Confessions 7:00PM-12:00PM for Beats and Concessions

The Crimson Revelation is here to provide both fun and absolution! Kind of a weird combination but hear us out! Welcome to Confessions, Concessions, and Beat Progressions!  


The head of the Crimson Revelation, Anakritis Aontaiche is a former Argent Crusade confessor. Seeing as how the tournament grounds is a place for peace, what better chance to redeem yourself of your battlefield woes or perhaps simply seek guidance from the light! Remember, everything said to the Confessor, stays between you and the Confessor!  

Beat Progressions

Jocelyne Moreaux is a pioneering Audiomancer and she wishes to bring the fresh fun of music to everyone's life! Sometimes, you just need a way to express yourself and you just aren't sure how. After sitting there and talking with her for a bit, she will help you figure out exactly what you need to really get that groove going! (OOCly help you pick out your character's theme music or just have fun with trying to find one!) 


The Revelation is comprised of people from various backgrounds and thus, they each have their own view of what should and should not be considered food or wares! Come and try some of our interesting items today! 

The Confessor's Sinfully Sweet and Sour Muffins- The Grand Confessor is known for her sweet tooth, and sometimes that is not always a good thing! A muffin packed with almost any sort of candy she could find this baby has chocolate covered candies, sour worms, fruit snacks, and even fresh blueberries somewhere in there. Does it taste good? her!

Phillipe's Phantastical Chicken Wings- Wings tossed in a rich and creamy sauce including the legendary pandaren 'ghost pepper'. Hot enough to even warm the Frozen Throne!

Sara's Mystery Mixture- Though the Dame is known for her battlefield prowess, she is also a skilled alchemist! She just...decided not to label any of the bottles. Drink one down and find out what is going to happen! Results may vary, bring your own weapons, safety not guaranteed.

Inquisitor Kaly's Sin-Free Suckers!- Tired of self flagellation to purge yourself of the day's uncouth deeds? Wish there was an alternative that came in a bland white, funless, boring , sugar-free shell? If so then try one of our many not-so-great flavors: Asparagus Brussel Sprouts Spinach Boiled Cabbage and Beets This candy may make children cry, but they'll be free of sin for sure!

Cocalin Blazehammer's Big Stick of Diplomacy- A tool fit for any traveller, adventurer, or aspiring Paladin to be, these "sticks" are shilellagh like in their design, a gnarly shaft of Northrend hardwood ending in a large carved fist. The handles are each bound and wrapped with steel and leather, providing balance and control over the unwieldy looking cudgel. Each is carved with the saying "Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick," highlighted with goldleafing.

"Praven's Black flag Bacon"- A sultry and dripping display of primal cuisine. Grilled meat cooked tender and well done, seasoned with a tropical kick and wrapped in tight wreaths of seasoned and saucy bacon. From first bite to finish, you'll be in love with this meaty dish.

Colleen’s Mysterious Spooky Cookies- This is just an ordinary cookie but watch out! It’s no ordinary cookie! What’s so mysterious about it? It was baked with care within the confines of the Telogrus Rift! It’s just a sweet chocolate chip cookie made in the Void realm. Besides, nowadays the most hardy of adventurers eat batteries for better performances. So what’s wrong with a cookie?

Milidynes Milkshakes- The Milidynes family are known as a large and welcoming lineage with a rich history of cooking and trade behind it. Try out their peacetime special, milkshakes! Rumored to have impressed ancient nobles and even kings into their sphere, they come in purple blue berry, pink strawberry and brown chocolate! 

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