Booth 14


Dominion of the Sun Horde 15


Supplies provided by Zenith

Booth Manager


Hours of Operation

8pm - 10pm Moonguard Server Time

Dominion of the Sun Edit

Entertainment! Excitement! Explosives! You've come to the right tent! Join the Dominion of the Sun in celebrating ToA with their spectacular activities and events!

Goods and Services Edit

  • Build a bots for tots
  • Wheel of Fortune
  • Mount Raffle. (Friday August 10th deadline)
  • (More to come)

Build A Bots For Tots Edit

The Dominion is hosting a small crafting table that allows you to build your own robot for orphans. Each robot made will be distributed to both Horde and Alliance cities after ToA. Participants for this activity have a chance to win their own custom mechanical companion. (While supplies last)

Wheel of Fortune Edit

Fancy your luck? Try a hand at our wheel of fortune! There's always a winner and a loser in this game of chance. For a gold a piece you can try to win from a variety of prizes or you could just lose your coin. But hey, that's the fun of gambling! (Rules and prizes will be present at the booth)

Mount Raffle Edit

The Dominion of the Sun is proud to bring to you a chance to win your very own Mechano-Hog! All you need to do is come on up to the booth and leave us your name. (Battletag's are also needed to ensure we give the winner a proper chance to claim the prize.)

Come on down and sign up!

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