Booth 14


The Kor'kron Legion Horde 15

Games & Food

Roll Based Games

Booth Managers

Dabblepex & Utenka

Hours of Operation

8pm - 10pm Moonguard Server Time

The Kor'kron Legion Edit

Entertainment! Excitement! Fun and games and maybe even a sugar rush await at the Kor'kron's booth here at The Tournament of Ages!

Goods and Services Edit

  • Pig Catch
  • Pet Lotto
  • Test Your Might
  • Bomb-A-Boss
  • Food & Beverages


Pig Catch  Edit

Step into the arena.....erm Pig pen! Are you skilled enough to wrangle yourself a wily mud wallowing piglet? Well here's your chance! For the small price of five gold you can try your luck and see if you can bring a piglet "Wee wee wee, all the way home" with you!


Pet Lotto Edit

Getting muddy not really your thing? But favor Lady Luck? Pull a ball from one of three tumblers and give one of the menagerie it's furever home! [Bracket A Lotto - 10g]  [Bracket B Lotto - 25g] [Bracket C Lotto - 50g]


Test Your Might Edit

Test your prowess against one of the Horde Elite! Square off in a friendly best of three spar with one of the Legion. Or simply try to just knock one over! (No dirty fighting, lethal blows, weapons or magic) Winners shall receive a trophy totem in honor of their accomplishment!


Frustrated with the way things are and need to let off some steam? Take aim at one of our leaderboards and see if you can win a prize! For the price of five gold you get three shots with our paint bombs (Blue for Alliance, Red for Horde, Yellow for Neutral) to try and hit the bullseye of one of three available targets. Warchief Sylvanas Windrunner, High King Anduin Wrynn, or Queen Azshara of the Naga. Winners shall receive a horse plushie in the likeness of their chosen target!

Food & BeveragesEdit

A small array of food and beverages will be available for purchase as well here at Booth 14.


  • Kor'krunch Cereal Balls
  • Peach Pie (by the slice)
  • Algrubel Suntotem's Prize Meatloaf (The Kor'kron Legion's 10yr Anniverary Cook-Off Winner) Limited Availability
  • Kor'krotton Kandy


  • Orange (Mixed Drink)
  • The Princess (Shake)
  • Purple (Mixed Drink)
  • Alcohol can be added for an additional gold piece
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