Booth 11


Qs Cosmetics Alliance 15


Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Fragrances

Booth Manager

Qub, Aran Ryan

Hours of Operation

All day, every day! (Except after 1am)

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Welcome to Booth 11! Q's Cosmetics, an apothecarium shop, is opening up some of the more travel-sized products to be available for the Tournament.

· Fragrances · Edit

From flowery perfumes that would make a Highborne faint to colognes that match the burliness of Grizzily Hills, an alluring variety is sure to entice those high bids for the date auction.

· Pharmaceuticals · Edit

Even with weeks of planning for the Tournament, forgetting salves or tweezers is bound to happen. Should any body oils be found missing when anticipating that grand Warrior duel, or if there's a shortage of eye shadow just before the Warlock's sparring bracket, swiftly stop by and restock to look the best before waving trophies around.

For the full list of what Q's Cosmetics offers this year, see the catalogue below!

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