Booth 11


The Teaspoon (The Phantom Legion) Alliance 15


Beverages, snacks, and games

Booth Manager

Nesima Shrapolin

Hours of Operation

7 PM - 11 PM

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Welcome to Booth 11 : The Dwarven Vanguard Present! The Flavors of Khaz Modan. Food, drinks, carpball memorabilia and drinking game.  

- Beverages - Edit

The Flavors of Khaz Modan will be selling a wide range of alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks!.

- Snacks and Games - Edit

The Flavors of Khaz Modan will be selling various traditional Dwarven foods. Ranging from, meats, soups, pastries and cheeses! The booth will also be presenting the Dwarven Vanguard Drinking competition!

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