Booth 10


Dor Serrar Alliance 15

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Kaldorei Goods & Services

Booth Managers

Isarith, Spectreana, Zevrad

Hours of Operation

7pm - 10pm (Server Time)


Mooncloth Robes – Authentic Kaldorei robes worn by the Sisterhood. White shimmering silk, accented with careful embroidery details. Tailoring adjustments are available in-house. 20 gold each. (Limited stock: OOC counterpart Mooncloth Robe also for sale while supplies last, current AH prices will determine the pricing of these items.)

Elven Cloaks – A blended weave of spider silk and secret ingredients from across Kalimdor. These cloaks are magically enchanted to mimic the color and pattern of nearby surroundings, providing impeccable camouflage when activated. 50 gold each. (Available in: Black, Brown, & Green)

All proceeds go to Kaldorei Refugees

•Blessed Goods•Edit

Adornments – Limited stock of bracelets, circlets, ear cuffs, earrings, necklaces, and rings crafted in silver or bronze (some styles are set in moon crystals, moonstone, emerald, or sapphire. 10 gold each. (Visuals can be found here:  Forest Moon Bracelet, Moon & Sun Bracelet, Phases of the Moon Bracelet, Silver Leaves BraceletSilver Leaf & Moonstone Circlet, Blue Moonstone & Silver Circlet, Silver Crescent Moon Circlet, Emerald Leaves & Moonstone Circlet, Forest Whisper Circlet, Forest Stag Circlet, Ivy Leaf Ear Cuff, Crescent Moon EarringsRainbow Moonstone Necklace, Silver Torc Necklace, Silver Tree Necklace, Emerald Tree Necklace, Silver Crescent Moon Necklace, Emerald & Bronze Ring, Night Silver Ring, Silver Crystal Ring, Silver Crescent Moon Ring )

Incense – Meditative incense in a variety of scents. Autumn’s Embrace, Spring’s Blossoms, Summer’s Tranquility and Winter’s Moon are all available. 15 silver per package.

Vial of Moonwell Water - A small, corked vial of blessed water drawn from a moonwell. The liquid sparkles and gives off a slight silver glow. A piece of hunter green ribbon tied around the top of the vial and accented with a crescent moon silver charm. 5 gold each, limit 1 per customer.

All proceeds go to Kaldorei Refugees

•Food & Drink•Edit

Grilled Fruit – Thick slices of fruit, grilled to order. Take your pick of peach, pineapple, apple, or mango slices. Finished with a drizzle of honey or maple syrup. 10 silver a slice.

Grilled or Smoked Meats – Thick slices of meat, grilled to order. Take your pick of bear, shark, or stag. Finished with a hearty, spiced brown sauce or melted butter. Smoked meats of crab, lobster, salmon, and tuna available until sold out. 30 silver a slice or package.

Hot Chocolate – Warm up your insides with a sweet drink in white, milk, or dark chocolate flavors. Cinnamon, Nutmeg, or whipped cream toppings available. Even colorful sprinkles! 10 silver per mug.

Coffee – Warm, comforting pick-me-up drink embraced by the Kaldorei people. Yes, we’ll even put some caramel or chocolate in there and top it with whipped cream if you like. 10 silver per mug.

Spiced bread – Fresh baked bread commonly served around holidays. This bread is moist and savory with a touch of light sweetness. Whole Loaf: 20 silver, Slice: 5 silver.

All proceeds go to Kaldorei Refugees


Bows – Bows crafted by Jalcynter Swiftshadow in maple, cherry and near black woods with matching/contrasting accents and grips. Recurve and Compound styles available, custom adjustments available upon request. 25 gold each. (Maple, Cherry, Black)

Arrows - Arrows fletched from the same color wood as the bows. Fletched with raven feathers and sporting barbed broadhead arrowheads hewn from iron. 10 gold for 20.

Quivers - Finely made leather quivers crafted from light and dark brown tanned hide in compliment to the bows. A swirling branch-and-leaf pattern tooled into the leather, making the quiver look like the canopy of a tree. Both back and hip mounted styles are available. 10 gold each.

All proceeds go to Kaldorei Refugees


Kissing Booth

The Kaldorei are a warm and friendly people once you get to know them. If a cloak, hot food and spirits don’t warm you up, perhaps a warm hug and sweet kiss will get the blood pumping for you.

FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY: Keep your hands from wandering where they are not welcome. Be respectful. If you act like you weren’t raised right, you will be taught what you failed to learn as a child.

Kiss – 10 gold

Hug – 5 gold

Tattoo Booth

Permanent tattoos will be offered by certain members of the Order. Prices will vary depending on the Artist and the detail of the tattoo.

All proceeds go to Kaldorei Refugees

We can and will refuse service as we see fit.

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