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Dominion of the Sun


Pet Guessing Game
Pet Treat Alchemy Game
Pet/Mount Grooming
Battle Pet and Mount Raffles!

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Booth Management Edit

  • Ready to play some Games? Stop by our booth and take part in our guessing game for the chance to win a battle pet, or try your hand at alchemy and create your own enchanted pet treats!

In-Game Booth Goods or Services Edit

Cast your best guess in Picky Pet Guessing Game!

Each day of the Tournament, our booth will be featuring a unique pet to be won! Anyone who stops by and correctly guesses their current favoured snack will gain a raffle entry for a chance to win the featured battle pet.

At the end of the tournament, all winners of the game will be entered into our grand prize raffle, for a chance to win the Reins of the Terrified Pack Mule!

IC (Non-Gold) Booth Goods or Services Edit

  • Try your hand at alchemy with our Create-Your-Own Enchanted Pet Treats game! Each night, ingredients will be provided for you to mix and match into one of 3 featured pet enchantments. These will be switched up each night, so stop by every day to try them all!
  • Pet/Mount Grooming. Interested in some professional help? Drop off your pet or mount and have them returned sparkling clean!
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