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Blackbriar Consortium


Booth Manager


Hours of Operation

6pm - 10pm Nightly

Booth Management Edit

  • Ready for some sparkle? Blackbriar has the fireworks ready! Back again this year with the opening and closing fireworks displays, we have a booth this year! We will have fireworks to sell, faction pride to show and mini displays for your enjoyment!
  • Check out the videos of past shows! We have only gotten bigger and better!
    Tournament of Ages 2017 Fireworks Show

    Tournament of Ages 2017 Fireworks Show

In-Game Booth Goods or Services Edit

Show your faction pride with fireworks! Fireworks themed in Horde and Alliance will be available as well as different colored fireworks to shoot off!

We will also have a supply of Inky Black Potions for you to be able to enjoy the fireworks in all their glory!

IC (Non-Gold) Booth Goods or Services Edit

  • Nightly Fireworks Displays! Times to be decided, but there will be nightly fireworks displays, a warning given about 10 minutes before the show to get to our music link. If all goes well, those that can't make the show we may be able to stream it for you!
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