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Orc-Pandaren Fusion Cuisine and Orcish arm Wrasslin'

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Corta and Rogkan

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Ashblood Clan will be hosting Orcish Arm Wrastlin' and Mok'ra! Noodles at Tournament of Ages 2019 in front of the Argent Medical and Peacekeeper Tent!

Swing on by to try your hand at beating our beefy Horde men in a test of strength in an arm wrestling match to win toys and pets, but don't worry, if you can't pin the Champion down you still get a consultation prize! Come see why we were the winner of the TOA 2018 'Funniest Booth Award'!

Also at booth this year is the infamous Mok'ra Noodles! The very best in Orc-Pandren Fusion cuisine that's taken Orgimmar by storm.

Other things at the booth will be Orcish Oil Wrasslin', Fighting Demos and Shows and of course, merchandise of everyone's favorite wrasslin' duo, Rogkan the Blackrock Mountain and Cherry-Cheeks Corta! Plushies, Autographed Photos, Calenders and Pin-Up Posters! If a goblin can slap it on something WE GOT IT!

Mok'ra! NoodlesEdit

Cortas noodles sign
Rylak Raman - Cooked in a savory boar and rylak marrow bone stock with Pandaren noodles. Thick and creamy mixed with buckwheat noodles with crisp veggies, seaweed and sliced mushrooms, and spiced with fireweed and chilis.

Krarasung Green Curry - A creamy sweet and spicy green curry with a moderate kick of heat that's served over grilled chunks of tender wildfowl meat and sticky rice with a green chili pepper on the side.

Skewered Peanut Chicken - Sweetened pieces of chicken, slowly grilled into tenderness with savory and sweet peanut sauce glazed on. Served on a stick. Hence the 'skewered'.

Draenor Fillings Riceballs - Tangy sticky rice wrapped up in dried sheets of seaweed filled in what ever choice I happen to have. Fat sleeper, Seascorpion, Clefthoof, Elekk, Talbuk, Boar. Cooked to soft tenderness in their own juices with some seasoning for easy eating.

Shadowmoon Valley Lo Mien Stir Fry - Fried up wheat noodles in fireweed oil for that extra zing with chopped veggies, carrots, onions, bok choy with your choice of Reef Octopus, Sea scorpion, Wild Fowl, Rylak, Clefthoof, Talbuk, Boar or hell all of the above mixed in! It's a bit greasy but oooh so good!

Half-Hill Fried Rice - Fried up rice with that hit the spot salty taste that sticks to your ribs, got vegetables of course, onions, carrots, peas, that sort of thing along with scrambled rylak egg. And your choice of meat; Sea Scorpion, Boar meat or Wild Fowl. And with a few splashes of soy sauce and fish sauce for seasoning as its all cooked in fireweed oil for flavor.

Fat Sleeper Fried Fish with a side of Spicy Vegetable Chips - Served in a weaved basket lined with rice paper, its three hefty Fat Sleeper fish filets coated in my special tempera breading fried up and served with dried thinly sliced root veggies seasoned with fireweed flakes and a dusting of chili power.

Sweet and Sour Barbequed Boar Skewers - Slathered with a secret Pandaren sauce on marinated boar pork gives the meat a juicy and tender, melt-in-your-mouth sensation as the sweet and tangy sauce tantalizes the taste buds. Served on a stick for easy eating.

Deep Fried Gronnling Nugget - Is a twist of a dish from the lands of Gorgrond, where the hardy clans there would take the tough gronnling meat and marinate it in the water of the geysers and steampools for two days with the spicy fireweed and bitter tangy gorgrond flytrap to make the meat tender, bringing out the gamy fatty flavor and less of the earthy after taste. Where they would just cook it, with this twist its grill up with a rubbing of seasonings after its been tenderize and then deep fry it in batter before slathering it in a special sweet and sour sauce. It's really rich though and it'll stick to yer bones for sure!

And More Special Dishes to be announced!

Orcish Arm Wrastlin' Edit

Challenger uses 3 /roll 20 to try and beat the opponent. Can optionally be done as the best of 5 for


longer, more intense matches. Depending on how well the challenger does is dependent on the prize!

The Champion's rolls are preset variations, ranging from 5-20 at the bottom of the scale, up to 12-20 at the top. They are purposefully skewed in the champion's favor to add a feeling of strength to match the various orcs.

Generally emotes accompany each roll, but if time becomes a restricting factor we may limit things to one player emote to start, then batch rolls, then reaction emotes following all 3.


Challenger emote

Champion emote

Challenger roll (1)

Champion roll (1)

Emotes x2

Roll x2 (2)

Emotes- if tied match, proceed to roll 3

roll x2 (3)

Closing emotes / reactions

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